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  • Fair pricing with no hidden costs
  • The best community-focused software
  • Live streaming and on-demand included and owned by you
  • Recommended by our thousands of happy customers
  • The best value payment processors and integrations to help you succeed

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Optimise the way your gym is run

Grow your business with 100s of clever features that strengthen your customer experience.

Keep the personal in your business with features that work to increase your connection and relationship with your community.

You’ll love our well-designed and thoughtful features that highlight important information to you, while keeping your day-to-day focused and goal driven.

Before I was on TeamUp, I had spreadsheets, which I had to juggle, and occasionally I would miss payments. And then six months later realize that someone hadn’t paid me and then it was too late to ask them. I would absolutely recommend it, it just keeps everything on the straight and narrow and helps you keep track of everything.”

Jane Mansley Headshot

Jane Mansley

Ease Pilates, UK


Enjoy your day with software that takes away the heavy lifting


Feel calm and in control with all of your customer data in one place. Memberships with incredible flexibility, class booking that your clients will love to use, payments that keep cash flow healthy.

Add your branding in a few easy steps to offer your business wherever your customers want to access it - on your website, native mobile apps, or on your social channels.

The biggest selling point for me was that you were going to go into my current booking system and move all the clients over for me. You were going to help me move all the payments from Stripe into TeamUp and that alone sold me on the idea of painless transfer from one system to another.


Barrie Johnston

Great in 8, UK

The perfect customer experience

Grow your community with a mobile-first experience that gives your customers a professional and reliable way to access your classes.

TeamUp’s on-demand and online class system is fully controlled by you. It does not resell or promote any other classes and you keep all of your revenue. We additionally do not take any % of your payments so all of your earnings are your own.


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“The reason why I am I really enjoy using this platform is because I'm allowed to call people. I could just dial a phone and someone picks up and can say, yeah, let's fix this or let's help you with this. Honestly, that's so rare.”

Jamie Boder Headshot

Jamie Boder

Yoga for AS, UK

“I've not experienced customer service with any other business that I've come across that is like TeamUp's and it makes me want to make mine like that.


Maggie Elliott

Spark Life, UK

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Better value with no unwanted surprises

A personalised experience that fits your business and doesn't limit your potential. Fairer pricing, features that scale rather than upsell, and a no-limits attitude to helping you succeed.


Designed with flexibility in mind

Your software shouldn't make you stretch too hard to make it work. Thoughtful and flexible features that allow you to build your business and interact with your customers the way you want.