TeamUp for Lagree

  • Scalable pricing to boost growth
  • Single operator to enterprise solutions
  • In-person, online, and on-demand
  • API and 3000+ integrations for 360 marketing and communication
  • Custom branded personalization and member experience
  • Strongest data security and value 
  • Most reliable payment processing and fees

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Why TeamUp

  • Better pricing & better value
  • Unlimited customer support
  • A product team that hears your needs & requirements for customization
  • Growth features that take you to the next level
  • Robust payment infrastructure to eliminate hefty costs

Grow your business beyond HQ with software designed to evolve your customer experience and footprint.

TeamUp brings all the parts of your studio under one roof to simplify your members’ experience, empower your staff with a single solution, and provide you the in-depth insight to evaluate growth opportunities for your business.

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Our team has completed thousands of imports from alternative software. Transfer all customer accounts, memberships, payment details, class reservations, and everything else you need, without effort or downtime.

Trusted by 3500+ gyms, studios, and boxes worldwide.