TeamUp for Pole Sport Organization

  • Customize your business to deliver an unparalleled member experience
  • Individual studio to enterprise solutions
  • In-person, online, and on-demand
  • APIs and 3000+ integrations for holistic marketing and communication
  • Tailor-made branded personalization
  • Strongest data security and compliance 
  • Most reliable payment processing and fees
  • Sign up to unlock 20% off your first six months.

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Customer Testimonials

Personalized onboarding and account management right from the start.

Whether you’re an individual studio or growing enterprise, TeamUp will support you every step of the way from migrating your clients and payment details to your new account to enabling you with the tools to easily and quickly get started.


TeamUp works incredibly well because it fits our model very well and the service they provide allows us to communicate with them quickly and easily and address any problems when they come along. They're also open to new ideas and development, which we'll work on with them to help improve their solution and therefore our solution.

Max Henderson | Hotpod Yoga

Why TeamUp

  • Better pricing & better value
  • Unlimited customer support
  • A product team that hears your needs & requirements for customization
  • Growth features that take you to the next level
  • Robust payment infrastructure to eliminate hefty costs

Grow your business beyond HQ with software designed to evolve your customer experience and footprint.

TeamUp brings all the parts of your studio under one roof to simplify your members’ experience, empower your staff with a single solution, and provide you the in-depth insight to evaluate growth opportunities for your business.

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We’ll move your customers to TeamUp FOR Free

Our team has completed thousands of imports from alternative software. Transfer all customer accounts, memberships, payment details, class reservations, and everything else you need, without effort or downtime.

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“I signed up for TeamUp and it changed my life, I can't even say how much it changed my life. It made my taxes so much easier and my clients can book themselves into classes. I get everyone onto TeamUp when I can because I know it can help people run their studios much better.”

Annie Norris

Annie Norris

Pure Studios UK

“There are so many things that you can achieve with TeamUp. You can tailor it completely for your own needs. It doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s. It makes you look more professional as a business as well, having it online. Having a cancellation policy makes you professional, even just that. Just one little function makes you have that edge over other people.”

Andi Ariseanu

Andi Ariseanu