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Why TeamUp & BoxMate?

Membership management, payments and class scheduling are made simple with TeamUp. Onboard your members easily with waivers, automated emails, appointment bookings and much more.

BoxMate brings you performance tracking, communication tools, 1-1 messaging, CRM and reporting features to help you run your gym business efficiently and keep your members connected, engaged and on top of their training.

With TeamUp and BoxMate, your members have a single app to do it all. Members will book their TeamUp classes, view and track your programming, receive communications from you, and engage with their friends in the gym community - all from one app.


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Personalize the members’ app to display your custom brand colors inside the app and on the big screen in the box! We’ll design you a custom brand header to welcome members on their homepage with a picture of the box and your logo.

Combine app styling with your own workout and exercise images and videos to make it feel like an app developed specially for your gym!


BoxMate's CRM system is fully integrated with TeamUp, meaning that all leads and customers will be automatically progressed through your sign-up funnel as they purchase trial and full memberships. You can schedule in introduction classes for leads, mark these as attended, and send out personalized information emails to leads and new customers with a simple click.

CRM - website

Inside BoxMate your key business metrics will be pulled through and displayed in your Business Health Dashboard. Keep an eye on your gym's growth and make those important business decisions based off real time data about class attendances, popularity and more.

Website - Health Dashboard

Why would I choose 2 systems over an all-in-one?

A good question with a simple answer. An all-in-one does a bit of everything, whereas TeamUp and BoxMate are highly specialized platforms. Our deep integration means you get the very best of two powerful systems, allowing your members to do everything from one space.

What if I already use another system?

Our seamless import process means your members, payments, and memberships can be easily migrated across to TeamUp. Your members don’t need to worry either as BoxMate can import workout and exercise scores from SugarWOD, Wodboard, and BTWB.

*This offer is only for customers new to TeamUp. If you’re already using TeamUp but not BoxMate, you can claim the same offer through BoxMate by clicking here.

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